10 reasons to advertise with us

The Express Advertisers - 10 reasons to advertise with us
1. Affordable, quality and flexible local advertising opportunities
2. Direct door to door letter box distribution to accurately pinpoint your customers and broaden your marketplace
3. Free full colour artwork designed to meet your requirements and budget
4. Choice of three quality and glossy magazines with a total monthly circulation to 33,000 homes and businesses
5. Capping system to limit the number of same/similar service advertisers
6. All adverts are grouped by business type so they are quick and easy to find
7. Regular advertisers get more – free editorials and access to other great offers and deals
8. Help, advice and monitoring in order to guarantee effective campaign results
9. Professional, proactive and trusted service – testimonials from satisfied advertisers speak for themselves
10. Your success is our success – 95% of our advertisers book on an on-going basis because it works